Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The first month

Of 2012 that is.  A lot can happen in a month, as I realized while feeding my son this morning.  He has gone from a few, hesitant bites of banana (Jan 1) to eating half a banana in one sitting (Jan 31).  We have also started sweet potatoes and avocado.  The month of Jan has seen J learn to sit and improve his rolling skills (soon we'll be teaching him to bark as well).  We have started the "throw something on the floor and watch Mommy pick it up" game, and he seems to be getting more interested in books lately.  This past month my son decided he doesn't like sleeping, so we are in the process of working on a sleep routine to help him (and Mommy!) get more shut eye.  His hair is growing so it no longer sticks up quite as much as it used to (which I miss).  He is talking up a storm and one of these days I have hopes I'll begin to understand what he's saying!  Recently J has been outgrowing his 3 month size clothes in favor of 6 month size.

So much has happened with J that I don't really know what has happened with me apart from him.  My life is more than my son, and yet he is such an integral part of that life now that I cannot imagine what I would do or be without him.  It's like when I got married - my life is more than being a wife, and yet everything I do is affected by my relationship with my husband.  And it is good: being a mom, being a wife.  These are gifts that God has given me which I in no way deserve but for which I will always be thankful.

Sometimes I forget to say "thank you" for that which I encounter on a daily basis.  Someone once asked me what my life would be like if tomorrow I woke up with only those things or people I thanked God for today.  It's a sobering thought, and one which I need to take more to heart.  So I am thankful for my husband and my son; thankful for my family and friends; and thankful that God is my source of strength, my ever present help no matter my need.

This was a bit rambling I suppose, but I am the mother of a (almost!) 6 month old and this post was started 3 times today.  And I just remembered that I was going to put up pictures!  But because it is getting late for this mommy I will only post one tonight with the promised hope of more tomorrow.

My little punk :)

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