Monday, February 13, 2012

Such is life

I am not a good blogger.  I write up things in my head, then I forget to type them out and post them.  So, what have I been thinking about lately?

Sleep.  Yes, my son doesn't sleep well.  And because my son doesn't sleep well I don't sleep well.  Usually the hubby and I try to get to bed at a reasonable hour because of all the times I get up in the middle of the night and wee hours of the morning but sometimes we just don't make it - like last night, when we didn't settle in to sleep till 12:30.  Of course, J picked this morning to be awake at 7 no matter what I thought, so here we are: Mommy trying to get by on low-caf coffee (I nurse and don't want to give J too much of that nasty caffeine stuff that will keep him awake even longer) and a rather fussy baby who is going to go down for an early nap this morning.  Whee!

In other random news, my son loves to play with blankets.  There is a baby blanket in his play pen and I sometimes think he's more interested in that than in any of his other toys put together.  Although, the present his Aunt Stacey got him for Christmas is pretty high on his list: picture a musical cube of awesomeness with 8 different Mozart compositions, colors, lights and instrument selections and you might come close to understanding the thing.  My favorite part is the 8 different compositions the thing can play!  But...he seems to be tired of both it and his blanket currently.
And he's down for a nap.  
So here I sit, watching the snow, drinking my coffee and thinking about life.  
Heh.  That sounds as if I'm being incredibly cool and introspective and all that.  
I really like watching snow.  
I used to love snow itself, but having been a licensed driver for so many years it's harder to say that.  Even on days like today when I don't have to drive I feel a low level of concern for those who are driving, like my hubby.  But it truly is wonderful to watch snow fall.
The world seems quieter (hey, my kid is in bed of course it is quieter!), and I love how snow covers up imperfections.
Typically I hate the look of leafless trees, but snow can make even that deadness look lovely.
It's so peaceful.

When I said, "My foot is slipping,"
Your love, O Lord, supported me.
When anxiety was great within me,
Your consolation brought joy to my soul.
-Psalm 94:18-19

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