Monday, August 27, 2012


We are in a time of transitions.

The beginning of weaning is going on.  For the last 3 days J has nursed only in the morning and evening.  Let's see if this holds.

We are trying to see if J is ready to combine his morning and afternoon naps.  Saturday was a very long day for him and he ended up sleeping late on Sunday morning, which meant he didn't get a nap before church.  Well, he made it through church and most of lunch before needing to be put down and then slept for 3 hours (a complete combination of both naps!).  This morning he didn't sleep quite as late, but enough for me to decide to give the single nap another try.  We had mixed results.  J and I went over to visit my sister and her girls in the morning, which did mean I got to keep J up till after his morning nap would have ended.  He went down (fussier than usual due to tiredness and the fact that I didn't nurse him I think) and slept well - for an hour and 1/2.  Which meant I ended up putting him down again just a little bit ago.  How late he sleeps in tomorrow will help me decide whether to keep trying for a single nap or go back to 2.

Festival is about to start.  Which means the hubby and I will be busy every weekend for the next month and 1/2.  Which means J gets to spend Saturdays with Aunt Abbs and Sundays with Nana and Papa.  Which means I won't get to see my little boy hardly at all on the weekends.  I'm dreading it already :(

J is so close to walking on his own.  I will cry when he steps out hands free for the first time.  I will cry even more if it's on a weekend when I'm not there to see it.

I love this child.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Water fun

We finally visited the spray park last week!  J and I met up with my sister and her girls and one of our friends with the children she nannies.  Lots of wet fun ensued!

 My pregnant sister, Dee, and my beautiful nieces.
 Got it!
 No, I got it!
 I don't got it...
 Snack time!

We had a lovely time :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stinking adorable

Well.  Now that it has officially been 2 months since my last blog...*annoyed face*...let me tell you about some of the awesome things my son does now!

- J can sign "more", "please", and sometimes "all done" and "milk".

- He repeats sounds, and especially loves to say "ka" when you talk about cars.

- He calls crackers "crack" which seems appropriate because they are his absolute favorite thing to eat and I have to put a strict limit on them otherwise he would eat nothing healthy.

- He says "Mama" and "Dada"! Sometimes he uses these words in his babbling, but other times he is very definitely referring to one of us!
- He loves to walk but refuses to let go of my fingers to do so.  "Cruising" - walking by holding onto furniture - is big in our house these days.

- When he wants to get up on something or see over it he pulls himself up to his tippy tip toes to try to make it.

- Naps have become somewhat consistent, although lately J has been waking up by 6:30am which is a tad early for this Mama.

- J talks a lot.  He will randomly have whole conversations with himself or come up to tell me something, hand me a toy and crawl away.

- He has discovered magnets!  Also, that they do not stick to cabinet doors but the dishwasher is a great alternative if he doesn't want to sit at the fridge.

- He loves to look at books - not at all a surprising development in our household.  Lately he has been "reading" to himself as he turns the pages - I am such a proud Mama!

 We just celebrated J's first birthday!

My son is stinking adorable.  And he is one year old.  Goodness cow.