Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stinking adorable

Well.  Now that it has officially been 2 months since my last blog...*annoyed face*...let me tell you about some of the awesome things my son does now!

- J can sign "more", "please", and sometimes "all done" and "milk".

- He repeats sounds, and especially loves to say "ka" when you talk about cars.

- He calls crackers "crack" which seems appropriate because they are his absolute favorite thing to eat and I have to put a strict limit on them otherwise he would eat nothing healthy.

- He says "Mama" and "Dada"! Sometimes he uses these words in his babbling, but other times he is very definitely referring to one of us!
- He loves to walk but refuses to let go of my fingers to do so.  "Cruising" - walking by holding onto furniture - is big in our house these days.

- When he wants to get up on something or see over it he pulls himself up to his tippy tip toes to try to make it.

- Naps have become somewhat consistent, although lately J has been waking up by 6:30am which is a tad early for this Mama.

- J talks a lot.  He will randomly have whole conversations with himself or come up to tell me something, hand me a toy and crawl away.

- He has discovered magnets!  Also, that they do not stick to cabinet doors but the dishwasher is a great alternative if he doesn't want to sit at the fridge.

- He loves to look at books - not at all a surprising development in our household.  Lately he has been "reading" to himself as he turns the pages - I am such a proud Mama!

 We just celebrated J's first birthday!

My son is stinking adorable.  And he is one year old.  Goodness cow.

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