Thursday, February 23, 2012


My body is still holding onto some of that pregnancy weight I put on last year (wow does that sound like a long time ago!), but I'm happy to say I am back in nearly all of my pre-pregnancy clothing!  I like my clothes - they are comfy and homey and "me".  
But I have discovered something weird.  Currently I have 3 pairs of jeans that I rotate: the size 6 and size 10 fit me great, but the size 8 is a little roomy.  Does that make any sense at all???  My husband can go into a store, check out a style of jeans, find the right size, buy them and bring them home without ever trying them on but knowing they will fit just fine.  Why are women's sizes so ridiculous??  
It is annoying as all get out (I ought to look up the etymology of that phrase because thinking about it it really doesn't make much sense: all get out? Huh.).
This week has seen the introduction of raspberries on our scene - not the yummy, red, juicy bits of goodness with the annoying pips, but the tongue between the lips blowing and funny noises sort of raspberries.  Ever since he discovered them J thinks they are hilarious.  And not just when he blows raspberries; it is now totally funny when Mommy blows raspberries, even though before he couldn't have cared less.  
Odd child.  
He has learned how to roll onto his tummy and back, and can maneuver himself around 180 degrees when playing on the floor.  He isn't quite to crawling or employing other forms of latitudinal movement, but it looks like it won't be long now before this mama has a whole new set of mobile issues to deal with!  Oh the joys of being a parent :)

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  1. In regards to your second paragraph, that is the reason I buy guy's jeans instead of girl's jeans. They typically fit better, and I know exactly what size I need regardless of which store I get them from. :)