Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New things

Don't we all like new things (except when they are changes that we aren't ready to deal with)?

Some new things from my son:

Baby hugs! When I pick him up, quite often J will cling to my neck just like he's giving me a hug. Makes me want to put him down and pick him up all the time!

Continued interest in a brand new world! While technically not a "new" thing, J is constantly seeing and experiencing things that are new to him. His appreciation and curiosity and enjoyment of the wonders of life bring new joy to Mommy as well.

Problems sleeping at night or for naps. I don't know if it is that he simply does not want to sleep because there is so much going on that he is missing, or that he is now into the "attachment" phase and just does not want to be separate from Mommy but this is a struggle. I have a book from a friend I need to read call "The No Cry Sleep Solution" and I'm hoping to get some ideas from that as to how to help him.

Sitting! Yes, my little boy is sitting on his own for minutes at a time! This is exciting and somewhat scary and wonderful! This means he can sit in his pack'n play and play with a toy while Mommy eats lunch or does dishes or writes on her blog. This also means, I am told, that crawling and walking and climbing and running are not too far away (hence the scary part)!

He is starting to understand me! Oh my goodness. I asked him the other day if he was ready to "eat" and he practically dove into my chest. I am pretty sure he understands what eat means, and I think he's got or getting the concept of "diaper" as well. It is so fun being able to communicate with my little one!

Speaking of, he is letting me know in no uncertain terms that he is getting hungry and tired. Off to try this napping thing again!

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