Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"That Mom"

Have you seen the jewelry ads about "That Guy"?  "That Guy" does such and such but since you can't be that great get your girl this necklace instead?  They annoy my husband to no end, in part because he is "That Guy".  The guy who makes dinner for his bride, spends time with her, and in general does good like he promised he would, etc (also, he's not into buying a lot of jewelry).  My husband is awesome.  

I also take issue with those ads.  Now more than ever.  Why?

Because I am not "That Mom".  I don't always have everything together.  I don't always know what is the right thing to do when my child screams.  I don't always know how to keep him entertained, or help him physically develop, or how to stimulate his mind so he doesn't grow up dumb (just my thought process).  I get frustrated, and freaked out, and depressed.

But that's not the end of the story.  My friends support me and tell me I'm a great mom for J.  My family comes over to babysit so I can have a break or do dishes or just have someone to commiserate with.  My husband loves me and helps change diapers and says he thinks I'm wonderful.  And the Bible tells me God loves me and gave me life and will never let me go no matter what.

I can't stay freaked out.  I know I'm not everything I need to be, but I know I'm growing into who I'm supposed to be.  And I think that's all anyone can expect of themselves.  Grow.  Gain.  Continue to get better but remember that it doesn't happen overnight, it happens slowly, one day at a time.  I may not be "That Mom", but by God's grace I will strive to be the best mom for J that I can be.

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  1. Hi! I've been enjoying reading through your blog. it gives me a glimpse into your life now being a mom. For the record, I dint think anybody is "that mom". But we can all be growing to be the mom God wants us to be.
    Love ya!