Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My baby is weird

I think all babies are weird though. It's part of being human.

J is 5 months old now. Want to hear some of the weird/new things he's doing now?

He eats cloth. Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. Anything that comes to hand goes to mouth. Recently, however, the child seems to prefer chewing on cloth things. His bib. The long legged stuffed frog from my sister's mother-in-law. My shoulder. Does this mean he's teething? Or that he is simply developing early his taste in clothes?

There is less immediate fussing when I put him on his tummy. He still does not see a purpose in being there, but if I stay down on the floor with him and make sure he has things to see and play with we don't get the instant screaming we had for a while there. He does roll over, but that is still inconsistent.

He is SO CLOSE to sitting on his own! He can sit supported, and for short periods can hold himself up, but leave him for too long and he sllllliiiides down. Or falls sideways. Which can be humorous when you are on the bed but not very fun anywhere else.

"Talking" has become a BIG part of our lives now. Talking and yelling. I'm working on signing with him to aid in communication but he's not at the point yet where he can sign back. Trust me, you will hear ALL about it when he does start signing or saying actual words!

This child is too cool. I love my Jonathan :)


  1. He's lovely. Now that I see the contrast in the picture at the end and the one you photoshopped, wow, yeah. Good work.

  2. Of course he's weird - he's yours! :)

    But that's just the way we like him (and you). I love your Jonathan, too. :)