Monday, January 16, 2012


You don't truly appreciate something until you are forced to do without it.  A couple of months ago it was our freezer that was on the fritz; this weekend it was our washing machine.  Now, normally I could do just fine without washing clothes for 2 days (my son hasn't gotten to the messy toddler stage yet).  But I really needed my washer.

You see, we use cloth diapers.  One of these days I will tout the wonders of these new fashioned old fashioned baby wraps, but not today.  Today I have to tell you that when you use cloth diapers you REALLY want a working washing machine!

Friday morning I put in a load of diapers (as I do every 2 days).  I set the dials and pulled the timer/start one.  Nothing happened.  Pushed it in, pulled it out, called my hubby.  Hubby supposed the pipes might be frozen (our "laundry room" is our cold, cold garage).  But since hubby was 45 minutes away at work there was not much he could do for me at the time.  So I did what any girl would do in the situation: I called my dad.  Dad thought there might be something wrong with the dial, so he came over and messed with it, finally deciding that our pipes were frozen.

Score 1 for hubby.

Who then came home sick and slept most of the afternoon and evening and was still too sick Sat to do anything about my washer.  Which was still full of dirty diapers.

Fortunately we are the type of people who keep disposable diapers around in case of emergency (which this was!), so J was in disposables all weekend.  Yeah, I definitely prefer cloth diapers - hubby and I both decided that disposable stink.

Sun was a gorgeous, beautiful, sunny day.  I wish I could have been out to enjoy the weather more, it was so nice.  Which meant that my pipes unfroze!  I was able to wash the diapers and do 2 more loads of laundry as the hubby and a friend attempted to weatherproof that icky, cold garage.  I am hopeful that not only will this be a success, but also that the church who owns this house will reimburse us (or take it off our rent) for the supplies.

All that to say: I love my washing machine.  I am grateful for my washing machine.  And I'm sticking with cloth diapers, no matter what! (Stay tuned for how well I hold onto that resolution as baby poo begins to turn into toddler poo!)

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