Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Playtime does not have to include expensive toys. Today J and I played with tupperware "blocks".
He enjoyed the texture of them in his mouth.
 "Hello Momma"
He liked the feel of the plate.
 When it seemed he was getting bored I filled the containers with random objects: paper scraps, uncooked pasta, marshmallows, bottle top, bottle caps and safety pins.
 He wasn't quite sure what to think of all that.
So I let him explore things by touch.
 He was fascinated by the different textures of things, as well as the fact that I rarely let him hold things that small. Here's a tip: keep your eye on your infant if you're going to give him things that will fit in his mouth. I spent this entire time on the floor with him, so I wasn't worried about him choking on anything.
Marshmallows were also a big hit, although he was more interested in trying to taste these than the pasta.
Then we learned how to shake the containers to make noise.
 In the end though, he really does just like that plate.
We had fun with these for probably 45 minutes before he was done, which I think is pretty darn good for something I made up on the spot.  The containers are put away for another playtime. I will have to find some other fillers to keep him interested and learning!

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