Monday, March 19, 2012

People, parades and pickles

The last week and a half have felt so busy and crazy, but lots of good things have happened.

We have amazing family members willing to babysit for J - Shelbs and I got to go on a date, I was able to go do a job for work, we went to see my sister's documentary premiere and we participated in 2 parades just in the last week and a half.  Oh, and that is just what regular people would call family - my friends helped out so that I could go wedding dress shopping with a pal on Fri and grocery shopping while J slept on Sun.  We are So. Very. Blessed. to have so many people care about us and love J.  They are who I thank God for on a regular basis.

On the subject of things to be thankful for: my sister is pregnant again!  Her 3rd baby is due the day before my birthday in Nov (actually the day I was due on!) and I am so excited for her!  She currently has 2 girls, and while it would be just fine to have another it would also be nice if she had a boy so J has someone there to play with once he gets to the age that girls are gross.

Fortunately J already has a boy "cousin" who adores him: Miles, the son of my She'endre (sister by choice) Tab, turned 2 shortly after J was born.  So far they get along famously (which I think is a little funny because when I was first pregnant Miles wouldn't go near me [but was far more friendly to "Uncle" Shelbs than before!]).  J is just over 7 months so right now they get along by J sitting in the middle of the room watching Miles run around like crazy occasionally bringing toys over for J to play with then coming back later to take them away.  As soon as J is strong enough to hold a sword I'm sure Miles will be teaching him how to fence and they will drum and dance and joust and be all sorts of what other people might deem as "weird" but what we will see as adorable and inevitable.

And speaking of adorable and inevitable: my son has teeth!  Friday morning I found he had cut not 1 but 2 teeth overnight, giving him a new edge in the nomming department.  Nursing may be going the way of the dodo sooner than anticipated if he keeps chomping down as he does occasionally!  He has been trying more and more new things lately, including pickles!  Ugh.  I hate pickles and was fully ready to believe that my son would too, but my dear hubby let J nom on a pickle Sat and he loved it. *sigh* Must be something else he learned from Miles - that child teethed on pickles all the time.

Well, I have more to ramble on about but will leave it for another time as I really need to try to get my Bible reading in before J wakes up from his nap.
God bless!

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