Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Of waking and watching and walking

Weather or teething - J was up twice last night and wouldn't go back to sleep until I fed him.  Thankfully he's napping well this morning.

Everything is new and interesting to this child, whether it be people (watch suspiciously), toys (attack!) or food (nomnomnom).  We introduced rice crispies this weekend, which seem to have gone over well.  They are helping him develop his fine motor skills, keep him entertained, and I can easily carry some with me in case of emergency.  Currently most of them do not end up in his mouth, but he has fun trying and I don't worry about him choking.

The quiet book I'm working on is coming along slowly - it would help if I could find my hot glue gun.

Yesterday I took J (7 months) and my 2 nieces (1 and 3 years) out for a walk so their mom could get some things done around her house (she is due with her 3rd child in Nov, hooray!).  Having 3 littles in my care at the same time was interesting, but not as difficult as I might have feared.  We have a double stroller so J and Thing 2 rode and I kept Thing 1 on a tether (read: leash) so as to be sure she wouldn't run out into the street (although it is a nice quiet neighborhood so cars are rare).  We were out for almost an hour and I quite enjoyed myself.  I brought along teddy grahams as bribes and those seemed to go over well with all 3 littles.

I have so many pictures to post, but I need to get a couple more things done before the Boy wakes up.


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