Monday, November 7, 2011


My father-in-law came to visit us this weekend. It was his first time to see J since the hospital (and there he only got to see him at a distance through glass). He likes being a grandpa :) His wife also came down, and I feel better about her now. I have discovered something during the 3 months since my son was born: I like people who like my son. Those who coo over how sweet he is, those who talk to him, those who beg to hold him - they all, somehow or other, seem to end up on my good list. It is a response that is not solely connected to my son, for I find that when someone likes someone I love or appreciates what they do it seems natural that I warm towards that person. On the flip side I need to be careful because I get very defensive of those I love which, although right and good, needs to be tempered with kindness for that poor individual who needs his or her preferences altered.

Last night I dreamed about pie. I dreamed a lot of other things of course, but the one that has overwhelmingly stuck with me this morning is the blueberry pie I bought but never got to eat. I even bought blueberry turnovers at the same time I bought the pie because I was craving blueberries that much. But yeah, woke up without being able to properly indulge. *sigh*

Currently I'm watching J examine his binky and try to pick up a rattle in the same, full, hand. Also, indulging in coffee because I don't have any pie. And praying that our fridge gets fixed before food starts going bad.

I've started reading a book about anxiety. I really enjoy the author, John MacArthur, because he is practical and full of scripture. I'll be letting you know how it goes, but for now I need to quit rambling. Will I do anything productive? Perhaps.

Perhaps I'll just play with my son.


  1. No productive things. You'll make us lazy people feel guilty. :) I miss J.M.! Baby's gonna be a big dude when I come home.

  2. Hey, playing with your son is productive! :)