Thursday, January 3, 2013

Home again, home again

 Yes, we wore coordinating red and black the Sunday before Christmas :)

Mommy and J dancing Christmas Eve morning (which is when we celebrated just the 3 of us).

My Little Geek is an ABC book - for both of my boys to enjoy!

 Little thief likes to steal Mommy's water.

We celebrated Christmas multiple times with multiple family members. Saw The Hubby's dad and his wife Sat, spent Christmas Eve with my wonderful mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Christmas Eve we went to the service at church which was very low key and wonderful. The Hubby and I sang, my sister read a Christmas story she had written a while back and my brother gave a sermonette (are you sensing a pattern here?). We sang lots and lots of carols and it was peaceful and happy and I loved it. Then Christmas Day we headed over to my folks' and spent the day there (and got to see MIL and SIL again when they gave for dinner!).

Then last weekend we headed up to see The Hubby's grandparents, and back here in time for New Year's Eve. Family is fantastic. Holidays are heavenly. I cherish the celebration of Christ's birth. And now I'm very happy to be home and settled back in.

Oh yeah, and we'll be moving at the end of the month. Guess there's not a whole lot of relaxing that's going to happen after all!

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