Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blogs, bears and diapers

The other day some friends and I were talking about blogs.  Some blog owners seem to be perfect: every post is about some wonderful activity they did with their child, the perfect dinner they cooked for their family, or the beautiful sunset that made their day.  Other bloggers talk about the good stuff and the bad stuff, which can be more encouraging to those of us who have a mix of good stuff and bad stuff going on in our lives (read: everybody).  Sometimes it is nice to read ideas and recipes and wonderfulness.  Other times it can be nice to know that we aren't alone in our "What do I do with this child now?" or "He's running naked through the house because he doesn't want a clean diaper," and "Oh look, he's playing in the toilet again," times.

Yesterday I had a mix of good and bad.  I could not figure out how to wear my boy out for his nap - everything I could think of was messy and I had just gotten him in clean clothes and I just wanted to sit him down and let him watch Sesame Street.  Then he had a poopy diaper and I had a good moment (yeah, those two things would not normally go together).  See, lately J has been back and forth on diaper changes - sometimes he'll lie there just fine and sometimes (more often lately) he freaks out and squirms and generally attempts escape (remember the earlier comment about running naked through the house? Yeah, that).  Well, he especially dislikes getting a poopy diaper changed.  So yesterday, right before changing him, we "changed" his bear's diaper (read: we wiped his bear down and put a diaper on him).  IT WORKED SO WELL.  I cannot express how exciting it was to then change J's diaper while he lay there calmly and wiped Pooh Bear down again.  So I tried it this morning when he was throwing his usually morning diaper fit and IT WORKED AGAIN.

I might not be the mom who can always find a cool, learning activity for my child, but darn it, I can change my child's diaper!

And sometimes, that's all the success I need for one day.

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