Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quiet Book

My niece's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and I finished her quiet book in time for the party! :D

This was very exciting for me, so I'm going to show off pictures of how it turned out.  For some odd reason the first picture insists on being vertical, so I apologize about that.

I used some leftover yellow fleece for the cover.  Perhaps not the most hardy of fabrics, but it was a bright, pretty color that I liked, I already had it, and it didn't need any sort of hemming.  I found a children's belt at the thrift store and wrapped it around as fastener.  It is sewn in at the spine.  The inside pages are about 8"x8" so the outside might be about 9"x9".
The first pages are the "fabric doll" (think paper doll) pages.  I dearly love how the wardrobe turned out.
 Using felt for the doll and the clothes meant (again) no hemming, but also felt sticks to itself enough that I didn't feel the need to add velcro to them.  I used fabric paint to add details.
Next we have the clock with pipe cleaner hands.  My niece is 2 so this wasn't the most exciting page ever but I'm hoping her mom will be able to use it with her later on to practice telling time.
 I LOVE the finger puppets I found for Noah's Ark.  They go in the zippered boat and can "swim" in the water pocket.  I bought a package of 10 for about $3 on Ebay and will be using the other 5 for my son's book.
 The pocket contains felt toppings and the slices are velcroed to the book so they can be removed to be "served".
Not the most exciting pages.  I was trying to be educational.  Um.
 The pocket contains numbered squares to match with the ones on the pages.  Maybe a little later on she will be more interested.  Or not, time will tell.
LOVE how the crown turned out!
 The jewels have velcro on the back which sticks really well to the felt.
The last page is simply a pocket with a $1 photo album stuck inside.  I wrote a little letter for her which begins the book and then filled the rest of the pages with note cards and colored paper so she can either make her own book or mommy can put pictures in for her later.

I finished an awesome craft project! :D  I'm so very excited about this, but it would not have been completed without the aid of my hubby and my friend Stacey who were both wonderfully supportive and helpful when I was trying to get it finished at the last possible moment.  Thanks to you both!

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  1. I think that is cooler than cool. And a lot of work. I hope if I ever have little kids that they will get one of these too. :)