Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cooking experiments

This week I had 2 successes and 1 not-so-much-a-success-but-not-a-complete-failure-if-covered-in-bbq-sauce experiments in cooking. 

Success #1: Tuesday I made "Mexian" style chicken in the slow cooker with tomatoes, served over rice. Some editing may be made to this recipe in the future, but for a first attempt it was really not bad. I am in love with my slow cooker.

Success #2: Wednesday I made chicken and green bean casserole with a cheese sauce and tater tots on top. YUM. We finished off those leftovers on Thursday. Don't really think this recipe needs adjusting, although I might try it with different veggies or cheeses.

Not-so-much-a-success-but-not-a-complete-failure-if-covered-in-bbq-sauce: For lunch today I attempted to make my own version of hash browns with potatoes and leftover cajun chicken from the freezer. This meat I do not recommend for this dish. I ended up only eating the eggs. Shelbs ate all of it, but covered it with bbq sauce and said it was much better that way. While I do plan to try hash browns again, this recipe needs much work.

Mostly a successful week in experimenting with new things I think. Next week I might try to actually follow some recipes instead of making up my own. We'll see. Tomorrow hubby is making tomato basil soup. I'm looking forward to this in no small part because the recipe calls for 2 cups of gouda!

Have a lovely weekend! May God show His love to you in extra special ways!


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