Monday, January 13, 2014

What it all comes down to

Sat night was not a restful night. I had a hard time sleeping, Little One had a hard time sleeping. It was not good. 
So I didn't wake up feeling the greatest Sun morning. My husband had set an alarm so that he would be up and moving before J woke up so he could be sure everything/everyone was ready before he left to pick up a friend before Sunday School. His alarm went off and he rolled over to talk to me and I did not respond well. Basically I told him to get out of bed and get dressed if he wanted to be up (*and leave me alone to sleep I don't feel well what is wrong with you* is what I was thinking). About 25 minutes later I was awoken by the sound of my older child in his room ready to get up and out. And my husband didn't answer.
And didn't answer. 
So I dragged myself out of bed, very grouchy at this point (because, seriously, what was the point of him getting up early if he didn't get J??).
By the time I got my robe on and got to the door my husband was up the stairs and told me he would get J. At which point I grouched at him for making me get out of bed. 
*sigh again*
So back to bed I went and complained to God about how I didn't feel good and it was making me grouchy and I needed help. Badly. I asked for an attitude adjustment. Then I got up, got dressed, took care of Little One, went down and made coffee and helped my family get out the door. I wasn't anywhere near as grouchy as I was first thing that morning. I was still exhausted, but I didn't feel that miserable irritation in my soul, and I was no longer making those around me feel it either.
What's my point?
Well, I guess my point is that grouchiness is a choice. It can be really difficult to choose a different attitude, but by now I know what things will help me in that endeavor.
Coffee helps.
Taking a quiet moment.
And prayer.
God helped me turn my attitude around when I was exhausted and feeling under the weather, but I had to make the decision to let Him. And my day was better because of it.
Oh, and sorry, Honey, that I was crabby at you Sunday morning.

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