Friday, January 10, 2014


I am constantly thinking of things I could write on this blog, but whenever I think about trying to actually do it kids or life tend to get in the way.  Now, when I have a minute to sit and write (with my baby curled up on my chest and my hubby at the other end of the couch doing his own writing) I find I can't think of much to say.

My toddler has been fighting a cold of some kind this week.  I've been exhausted from probably the same thing.  Baby seems to be healthy so far, but going through some kind of growth spurt that makes it hard to get him to sleep (which of course adds to the exhaustion).  We've been watching movies way more this week than we normally do in deference to the fact that neither Toddler nor Mommy feels well enough to play hard.  It's a good thing I like Tangled because we watched it 2 days in a row this week and I don't tend to like to do that with movies.  While my son has been extra cranky, he has also been extra cuddly which is always nice (except when he is desperate for me to hold him while I am nursing Baby Boy - that gets difficult).

I have been thinking lately about all the "parenting advice" articles out there and trying not to wonder if I am ruining my kids.  Is it bad for my son to be spanked occasionally?  Am I giving him a complex when I tell him something he is doing is wrong rather than only pointing out his good behavior?  Should I link his identity so much to being an older brother?  Am I turning him against his brother when I tell him he needs to wait till after I change the baby, after I feed the baby, etc?  Am I?  Should I?  Is this wrong?  Did I miss something?  Is my kid going to go bat-crazy and start sleeping upside down because I let him sleep in the dark?  (he's 2 and after a week of having a nightlight declared he wanted it "dark" when he slept - so much so that my husband hung a blanket off the side of his bunk bed so it would be darker in there.)  I don't think these questions and others like them are ever going to go away, and it leads me to wonder if I should stop reading parenting articles just to save my sanity.  But then I'm going to question if I'm really a good parent if I don't read advice.  It's a vicious cycle.

So here's my current favorite picture of the boys to make me feel happy:

Goodnight all.

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