Friday, November 9, 2012

Birthday thoughts

Last year for my birthday I posted a list inspired by a friend of mine called "30 by 30".  Today being my 29th birthday I figured I ought to update and see how things are going.

1. Read 20 new books (not including children’s books which I can easily go through 5 at a time)
- This started out really well and then my child went mobile.  I've done several but probably not 10 - which means I have some catching up to do!
2. Read 10 classics (I’ve realized how many of these I own compared to how many I’ve read and it’s rather embarrassing)

- Um. Yes. I am behind.
3. Finish organizing old photographs into albums or scrapbooks
- I'm very close!  Well, much closer than I was which is happy.

4. Get rid of all those shirts that I keep saying I might wear someday but never do
- Did a little bit but the full culling has yet to happen.

5. Learn to follow a sewing pattern
- Not a pattern yet, but I am learning more about my sewing machine and trying new projects.

6. Learn to walk on 5’ peg stilts
- These have not yet been completed so I have not had the opportunity yet.

7. Try 50 new recipes (this so far is going better than I thought it would, but I don’t know how that’s going to change when I have a toddler)
- Still going well, although some weeks are better than others.  I am sure I have hit nearly 50 already so now it will be how many total I can do!
8. Design and create my own costume

- Done!
 9. Learn to crochet
 - I completely forgot this was here.

10. Direct Godspell
- I thought I had my chance this spring but things did not work out.  We shall see what the future holds.
11. Perform in another stage show

- Technically this did happen - I played drum for a dance show out at festival.  Not exactly what I meant when I made the goal.
12. Take a dance class

- Not even close yet.
13. Learn 3 swing dance aerials to do with my husband

- This sounds like fun, I should do this.
14. Simplify my life by getting rid of STUFF– I’m not sure yet what measureable to put on this to know whether or not I have succeeded

- It has begun.
15. Take walks at least 3 times a week – not sure how I’m going to do this in the winter time, maybe become a mall walker mom during the cold months?

- Walking more than nothing but less than I would like.
16. Set up a will/custody documents for J should anything happen to me and the hubby

- This would be a nice thing to have.
17. Spend time at least once a week with a friend

- Yup.
18. Maintain an active prayer journal

- Completely forgot this was here.  I should do this.
19. Lead a Bible study

- Not yet.
20. Read through the Bible completely (haven’t done this since Bible college and it needs to happen again)

- Did part of this with my husband, need to keep working on it on my own.
21. Buy a house (yeah, I’m not totally optimistic about this one, but I can try)

- Working on it.
22. Memorize 30 Bible verses

- If I keep up with the Bible Study memory plan at church this will be done.
23. Memorize 3 sonnets

- Nope.
24. Get to know the ladies at my church better (ie: be more sociable)

- Working on it.
25. Clean out the garage enough to consider getting a deep freeze

- My husband is amazing with the work he has put into our garage but the lead we had on a deep freeze has dried up.  We will keep looking.
26. Consistently maintain an active blog

- Not as consistent as I would like.
27. Stick with cloth diapering

- Not a problem.  We use disposables occasionally but for the most part the cloth diapers are working out wonderfully.
28. Teach a sign language class

- Oh, this sounds like fun!  Have I done it yet?  Not in a loooong time...
29. Travel to a state I’ve never been

- Well I went to CA...technically I have been there before but I was just a toddler and I didn't remember it - does that count?
30. Feel organized – if only briefly

- Not really, but some days I feel hints.

Today was my birthday.  I am 29.  More on that later.  It is late and this old lady is ready for bed.

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