Monday, October 22, 2012

Perfect weekend

This past weekend was superlative.  Exemplary.  Perfect.

It was our first weekend without festival commitments and we got to spend just about the entire time together as a family.

Saturday morning we went to the pumpkin patch with my sister and her family.  My nieces are the most adorable little girls I know and they love hanging out with their cousin J.  My sister is one of the most active pregnant ladies you could meet.  She is due in less than 2 weeks!!

J adopted a pumpkin.  He flopped on in and hugged it and stood up then bent down and cuddled it again.  Then he tried to pick it up.  So we took it home.  I think I will call it Jasper.  Or Corinth.

Saturday afternoon J slept off the morning's excitement while Shelbs and I worked on decluttering the garage (a long term project but Shelbs got so much done and I was so proud of him!), cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry.  It felt good to be productive and it was lovely to be productive alongside my husband.

Saturday night Shelbs took me out to the ballet (thanks to my good friend who agreed to babysit at the last minute!).  It was a beautiful time for just the two of us.

The next morning we started our Sunday breakfasts again.  This first time back we spent with a sister who has become a friend and a friend who has become a sister.  I love starting Sundays with this fellowship with people I love!

Then church for the first time in almost 2 months!

We got to have lunch after with my parents, friend and another sister, and then relaxed for a nice chunk of the afternoon before getting things ready for my sister and her family to join us for dinner.  We had a wonderful time (and yummy soup) with this family who is so important to me (and I got to see them 2 days in a row!!).

Then Shelbs and I played a video game together and hung out before bed.

It was more than lovely.

It was perfect.

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  1. Glad your weekend was perfect. Mine was too, although I am sad to have missed breakfast.