Tuesday, May 1, 2012


So much seems to be going on these days!  Some good, some...not my favorite.  One thing that has happened is that our second car decided to poop out on us.  Thank God we still have our dependable Subaru!  This though, means that I am home a lot as Hubby has to take the one working vehicle to work everyday (a 45 minute trip at 7am which I am not anxious to make with a cranky infant just so I can have the car during the day).  This will get worked out, but I'm going to be the very definition of a "stay at home mom" for a while.

Being at home certainly hasn't been boring so far, with the most important development lately being: my son is no longer completely immobile!  We have wooden floors, and J has discovered he can scoot himself along a bit while on his bum or tummy.  Usually he turns himself in circles, but I can see that soon I will no longer be able to leave him on his own for 2 minutes without worrying about what he might get into while I'm in the bathroom!  Solutions to this will be forthcoming as I experiment on how to contain my child when the time comes.

J is increasingly curious these days.  One of the reasons he figured out how to move himself the limited amount he has is to see, reach, touch and taste things he might not otherwise have experienced.  Things that used to occupy him for minutes on end are now tossed aside like yesterday's glitter, and things that once bored him now require in depth concentration.  This requires me to be increasingly imaginative and I have not yet mastered the art.  I am so thankful for the internet and Mommy Blogs!  I have found so much out there it is amazing!  I love that I am not alone in this task, I love that other women have posted their ideas and experiences so that I don't have to learn everything on my own!  A few of the blogs I have enjoyed thus far:

http://badmommydiary.blogspot.com/ My wonderful friend, Tabitha, who is open and encouraging and fun.

http://themagiconions.blogspot.com/ I haven't read much of this one yet, but it looks to have some great play ideas.

http://playathomemom3.blogspot.com/ The blog that got me started looking for play ideas.

http://alysbloggityblog.blogspot.com/ Sometimes it's nice to just read things from another mom - even though we are far removed geographically and don't know each other personally.

And now for pictures!  I've fallen behind on organizing and showing off photos of my son, but as Mama to an 8 (almost 9!) month old boy I hope you will forgive me.

Have a wonderful, bright and shining day!
In Truth,

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