Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Energy or not?

Lately I have had zero energy.  When I put J to bed for his naps I sit in my chair, stare at my computer and think that I ought to be doing something productive.  Coffee hasn't helped much, nor has big glasses of water (which I heard are also supposed to be good for waking up).  Two weeks ago I finally went to the doctor (although not about the tiredness because I thought that was just mama stuff or me being lazy). 

Turns out I am extremely anemic. 

Which means my iron levels are very low. 

Which affects my energy.

So now I'm trying to take iron (which I'm not good at remembering to do) and hopefully get my hemoglobin level back up into the double digits where it is supposed to be.

Anyone know any good recipes for a spinach shake that doesn't taste like spinach?

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