Monday, October 31, 2011

The Beginning

Everything has to have a beginning.
This is mine:
My beginning as a blogger, trying to make sense of my life as a new mother; trying to keep my priorities straight; trying not to lose who I am - or who I think I am - in the process.
This is a blog about my life. Now where shall we start?
My husband, Shel, and I have been married for a couple of years now. We have a beautiful, 12 week old son named J. We live in a tiny house full of books. Seriously: full. I haven't counted them lately, but I believe we have close to a literal ton of books filling our shelves. It's a comfortable, happy place.
The walls that aren't covered by books are being taken over by photographs. Some old, many new (when you have a new baby you go a little camera-happy).
We are surrounded by wonderful family, a supportive church, and the best friends I could ask for.
Tonight we are going to a Halloween get together. We will be wearing hoodies and employing accents to be "English hooligans". My hubby's idea. We couldn't do what I had originally wanted - I couldn't find the Union Jack shirt I wanted, and they don't make gas masks small enough to fit J (if you don't understand the reference here I suggest you brush up on your BBC sci-fi).
Well, this child is telling me he's ready to eat, so I'll let that be the end of the first post. As your photo for the day I give you this:

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